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If you suffer from an allergy, going on holiday, or just staying away from home for a night or two, can be far from a relaxing experience. We have some experience of that in our family.

For many years my husband suffered from repeated chronic nose and sinus infections. The nasal catarrh and sore throat often developed when we went on holiday. It took several years of antibiotics and even endoscopic sinus surgery before it was discovered through skin prick testing that the problems were caused by a dust mite allergy.

Eliminating house dust mites from our home, using anti-allergy pillows, duvet and mattress protector, a hoover with a HEPA filter, and using a sinus rinse, saw the symptoms quickly disappear. But, the next time we stayed away in a hotel, the stuffy nose returned. We decided that, in the future, we needed to stay somewhere that was more 'home from home', where the needs of allergy sufferers had been thought about. If we could find such places, that is.

And so the idea of creating a directory of allergy friendly accommodation was born...welcome to allergyfriendlyhotels.com!

Our aim is to be different from the numerous other hotel and accommodation internet directories. It is to be unique, user friendly, and dedicated to allergy sufferers. We hope we will also appeal to people who want to stay in clean, fresh rooms and find places to stay that cater for people with food intolerance, food allergies, and who have special dietary requirements.

We are a directory only - a 'yellow pages' of accommodation - that offer rooms with features that may be suitable for allergy sufferers and/or cater for those with food allergies and special dietary requirements. We are not a booking site. When you search for accommodation you will be presented with a list organised alphabetically by town. The list also sets out the rating and the number of allergy friendly features of the accommodation. Where accommodation is rated by stars with no symbol it is self-classified; and where there are no stars given the accommodation has chosen not to be rated.

If you select accommodation of interest by clicking 'Details and location' you will enter the accommodation's listing page. This page includes the allergy friendly features (both positive features and those that may cause issues for some allergy sufferers), along with a more general overview of the accommodation, photos, an interactive google location map, and contact details for the accommodation including links to the accommodation's own website for the purpose of enquiring or booking a room.

This next bit is important: we do not recommend any of the accommodation that is listed, or that it is suitable for your particular allergy. In most cases we will not have stayed there and cannot personally recommend it. We have tried to detail the allergy friendly features (both positive features and those that may cause allergic reactions in some people) as accurately as possible, but we cannot guarantee that every room will have all these features. Some accommodation may in fact have more features than we have listed. Therefore, if you are in any doubt as to whether the accommodation or menu is suitable for your particular allergy and needs, then please make sure you make your own enquiries with the accommodation itself and satisfy yourself that the room and menu is suitable for your needs before booking.

Please see our website terms and conditions for more information.

We are an independent company - we are not agents of any of the listed accommodation - and we do not receive any commissions for any bookings made. You will need to book directly with the accommodation itself. However, when booking or even simply enquiring, please follow the links to the accommodation from our website; or, if telephoning, please quote our name. This helps us as it raises our profile.

I hope you find the website helpful and indeed a breath of fresh air. I would be interested to receive any feedback or suggestions on how we could improve our site and the service we aim to provide. If you like the site, please use the Tell a friend button to spread the word amongst your family and friends.

Best wishes


Director, allergyfriendlyhotels.com Limited

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