Long dark nights may trigger allergies

Millions of Scots put the clocks back tomorrow morning, so that it is lighter in the morning, but becomes dark earlier in the evening.

An Edinburgh University expert has said that lack of sunlight could be linked to one in three of the population 
suffering from common 
allergies, such as eczema and asthma.

Professor Aziz Sheikh said: “Scotland has a higher prevalence of allergies than anywhere else in the world.

“There have been observational trials that link low levels of sunlight, and low vitamin D, to an increase in the risk of developing allergic disorders.” Prof Sheikh, chairman of the university’s leading allergy and respiratory research group, is trying to secure funding to carry out research that to prove the link.

“That is why we think there should be proper studies and trials carried out,” he said.

“The evidence suggests it warrants further study.”

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